Welcome the Documentation of GLVisualize

GLVisualize is an interactive 3D visualization library written in Julia and modern OpenGL. Its focus is on scientific visualizations but is not restricted to it. There are lots of 2D and 3D visualization types like particles, surfaces, meshes, sprites, lines and text. It uses Reactive to offer an easy way of animating your data. It also offers very basic GUI elements like slider and buttons.

Please check out the examples to see what GLVisualize is capable of.

arrows3d arrows bars billboard billiard bouncy camera color_chooser contourf contourlines cubicles dirac_belt distancefield flow3D graph_editing imageio image_processing image_texture_atlas juliaset letitsnow lines2D lines3D linesegments3d mario_game maximum_intensity_projection meshcreation meshes_io mesh moving_bars moving_circles parametric_fun particles2D particles rotate_robj screens simulation sinfun sphere1Drange surface text_particle text vertexcolor volume